Guided Tours

Historical Tours


Visit the many historical sites around the City of Sacramento. You will be guided through the gold rush era while journeying through Old Sacramento. Many of the buildings have been maintained or restored to reflect the pioneer days. Old Sacramento is deep in history which each group has the chance to soak up prior to heading to the Downtown area for more knowledge to grasp hold of. Along with venturing through the tree lines streets of Downtown the tour leads over into Midtown and back to explore the many historical sites intertwined with the city.

Progressive Meals


Sacramento Bike Tours have collaborated with some of the finest restaurants in the Downtown and Midtown neighborhoods to bring to you a delicious and exquisite 5-course adventure. Each course is served in the ambiance of a different restaurant allowing the opportunity to explore various establishments as well as create an adventure for the palate.

Progressive dinners will incorporate a variety of international cuisine prepared to you by the many talented chefs within the Sacramento region.   ***COMING SOON***

Specialty Tours


Explore many guided adventures created to entice the diverse interests of the community. Our tours consists of themes such as the Art Mural Tour - an appreciation of the various murals painted around the neighborhoods, Thrift Store Shopping Tour - exploring the many treasures of other's past, Garden Tour - stopping to smell the roses within the lavish local gardens, or how about the Ghost Tour - hunting for the super natural during October or out exploring the many lights and decorations during the the Holiday Lights Tour during December.